Odoo is one of the best OpenSource ERP package which comes with precise Business Intelligence.  Odoo is made for Small/Medium sized Enterprises(SME). According to Capterra Odoo is listed in top 10 for Reviews of the Most Popular ERP Systems of 2017. Here are the features of odoo which will answer why you should choose Odoo for your business?

Open Source:

Odoo uses an open source license, and it’s often free and the code base is available for any user for modification. developer can add/create/modify any module or feature you desire. With open Source software There is always the possibility of “forking”. if you are using Odoo does not means you are locked in to using a particular vendor’s system that only work with their other systems. There are many companies which provides Complete Odoo Solutions from requirement gathering to support.

Low Cost:

Compared to other ERP packages, Odoo package is Free(if you wanted to use Community edition). Any one can download it from Github. However there are cost for Odoo Installation, Customization, Integration, Data Migration, Training & Implementation. which is very low compared to SAP, Sage, &  Oracle.

Web based:

Odoo is having web based architecture. It means can access Odoo via web browser. It’s provides multi-user business administration and Business tools over the web.


Odoo Comes with plenty Standard applications. which may be enough for your enterprise. if it does not satisfy your business need you can customize applications as per your requirement. here are the list of Odoo applications.

  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse Management
  • Account
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Point of Sale
  • eCommerce
  • CMS
  • Human Resource
  • Payroll
  • Survey


Because of robust Robust Odoo framework it is possible to create your own flow and application. so if you do not see module/app for your business in default Odoo addons or you wanted to do the customization in existing Odoo workflow, it is possible. there are tons odoo vendors provides Odoo customization services, we are one of them.

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