WordPress is the  most accessible and possibly the most commonly used CMS in the world. Quick installation, massive community, tons of themes and plugins and enhancement platform makes WordPress strongest candidate in the CMS world.

Odoo is also becoming most Popular Opensource Enterprise application. with Odoo One can run their business being pro. Odoo can manages Marketing, CRM, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, HR, eCommerce. it is so easy to extend Odoo for your business domain.

Tech Heliconia webisite is also running on WordPress, and using Contact form 7 on it’s contact form, We wanted to automate the process of creating leads on Odoo CRM from the WordPress contact form and we found this easy way.

what to setup in WordPress contact form 7?

When you install contact form 7 plugin in to WordPress website, you need to define the contact form (you can use the default) and email which receives the notification when someone fills and sends the form. suppose that email is hello@heliconia.in.

Tech heliconia contact form example


How to create leads on Odoo CRM from WordPress contact form?

In Odoo you need setup incoming mail server. for that first you need to activate  developer mode. after that you can traverse the menu from Settings> Technical > Email> Incoming mail servers.
Create a new record and fill the information of your mail account.
tech heliconia odoo incoming mail server
in the incoming mail server record we have used the create new record field to create lead and opportunity record.  This setup is using Fetch mail service scheduler which runs every five minute to fetch the mail from the email account defined.

How WordPress Contact form creates leads in Odoo CRM?

Lets understand the process with example. Suppose user lands on the contact form with a query of Odoo service, He fills the WordPress contact form and clicks on the send button. because of the contact form configuration the mail will sent to the hello@heliconia.in. now in odoo the scheduler is running every five minute to fetch the mails from the hello@heliconia.in, so when the incoming mail server finds a new mail on the mail inbox it creates a new record for the Odoo CRM Lead automatically which fills required field in the Odoo.


It is too easy to automate and create a lead in Odoo CRM using WordPress contact form without doing a line of coding due to the two most powerful opensource framework.



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